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We are a female film photography collective who want to raise the game of women in photography. We are here to support women and non binary people who do what they love whether its as a hobby or professionally. This site is a platform free to all who want to contribute, there's a blog for keen writers, featured pages and a space to showcase work with links to portfolios and social media.

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Our aim is to help people become more confident with photography, and to support those who might feel alienated by the photography community.

We want to showcase peoples work, arrange meet-ups and get you involved with this project.

Situated in York, I have been shooting film for four years. You can usually catch me wandering the country with a camera in hand.

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I am a creative film photographer with vast ideas, feisty passion and a headstrong attitude.


​Originally from Hartlepool, UK, I have a yearn to travel and explore. Currently situated in Ambleside, Lake District, UK.


Creating Grain Gurls with Nikki was probably the best idea we have brought to the female film photography community, and I look forward to the journey it takes us on along with many others.

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